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J. Long & Associates is a manufacturer sales representative agency built on the honorable reputation and legacy of J Long. Terri now leads our agency into the future through innovation and a keen eye for design; while still maintaining the core values the company was founded on by J Long - old school hardwork, tenacity, and consistency.

Why J. Long & Associates

Our passion for design and for people drives our creative approach to helping our customers facilitate stunning luxury interior spaces for their customers' home or commercial projects.

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Terri Morgan |

Terri joined J. Long and Associates in 2000 as an outside sales representative, working her way up to President of the company. Terri enjoys sharing her knowledge in the high-end decorative plumbing and hardware fields with the showrooms and commercial design firms she represents. In her free time, Terri loves being outdoors and helping the rescue dog association in Negril and in St Martin.

Joe Long |

Joe Long founded J. Long and Associates in Richardson, Texas in 1991. Through great effort and word-of-mouth referrals, Joe was hired to represent some of the finest manufacturers in the decorative plumbing and hardware industries in the Texas area. The agency bloomed into a pragmatic and responsive team of creative and caring people who perpetuate Joe's values and work ethic. In his free time, Joe enjoys being with his family and lake fishing.

Sean Morgan |

Sean Morgan has been with J. Long & Associates for over 10 years. He posesses extensive sales and management experience in various industries. Sean enjoys working with customers to improve their profitability with J. Long's extensive range of product lines and working with interior designers on their projects. Sean is a lover of animals and has a passion for island rescue dogs.

Cheryl McLaughlin |

Account Executive
Cheryl has 30 plus years of experience in retail customer service and management and she has utilized that experience to serve J. Long & Associates' customers and manufacturers since 2014, when she was recruited to lead their inside sales and support team. She prides herself in her problem solving and communication abilities and Cheryl's kind heart is no more evident than her passion and love for rescue dogs and the time she spends nurturing her garden.

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