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ALT stands for creating an ALTernative solution to decorative plumbing offerings and made-to-measure products for builders, plumbers, architects, and designers. ALT Aqua Sales Reps In Texas are here for you if you're interested in providing this brand to your clients or customers. Get in touch with us today.

ALT houses a vast assortment of UPC-certified collections for the bathroom and kitchen, shower, and many accessories. ALT was created to be a budget-conscious alternative to higher-priced brands while maintaining a high level of quality, design, functionality, materials, and manufacturing methods.


Drinking water taken from ALT faucets is certified to always be lead-free. This is the brand's commitment to creating a smarter and safer environment for customers to drink at home.

Efficient Water Consumption

Nearly every ALT faucet exceeds industry standards for the conservation of water. They have efficient ecological aerators inside, reducing water consumption by 20% or more without giving up any on the performance end.

Adjustments for certain restrictions can be made to coordinate with regional flow rate allowances depending on your location when needed.

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alt aqua sales reps in texas

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ALT Aqua Sales Reps In Texas

J. Long & Associates is a team comprised of only the best Alt Aqua sales reps in Texas.

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