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Atlas Homewares is recognized by professionals as well as consumers as the go-to decorative hardware manufacturer who brings fashion and style into the homes of its users. Atlas Homewares sales reps in Texas at J. Long & Associates are here for you if you'd like to offer this luxury line to your customers and clients.

Atlas Homewares products are available only through professional showrooms who showcase kitchen and bath collections across the United States. Atlas is a part of the Top Knobs family of brands.

EXPIRES MAY 31, 2022 -

Display Board Special on Everitt, Griffith, Stainless Atlas Homewares New Collections

$20 standard board price

$50 per board for Bath and Appliance boards

AH 24 Board Tower Special - $600 (24 boards and tower)

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Atlas Homewares



Atlas Homewares

Atlas Homewares Sales Reps in Texas

J. Long & Associates is comprised of a team of talented and passionate Atlas Homewares sales reps in Texas.

Give us a ring or complete the form to get in touch. Feel free to submit order forms if you're a current customer or credit applications if you're just getting started. 
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