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2022 New Collections

Atlas Homewares has been recognized by industry professionals and consumers as the go-to decorative hardware collection to bring fashion and style into a home. Atlas Homewares has been named as one of the Top 10 Preferred Decorative Hardware Brands by K BB Magazine.
Ring in a contemporary aesthetic with our new Griffith collection. The subtle yet chic detailing will revamp your kitchen in no time.
Display Boards:
DIS-1162 (Maple) & DIS-1162W (White)
Transform your space from pass├ę to cutting edge with our Everitt Collection. Featuring imitative screw marks for a touch of authenticity, these knobs and pulls are the perfect blend of industrial and modern.
Display Boards:
DIS-1163 (Maple) & DIS-1163W (White)
Form meets function complete with a variety of lush finishes. Our Stainless Steel collection will give your home an effortless vibe.
Display Boards:
DIS-1164 (Maple) & DIS-1164W (White)

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EXPIRES MAY 31, 2022 -
Display Board Special on Everitt, Griffith, Stainless Atlas Homewares New Collections
$20 standard board price
$50 per board for Bath and Appliance boards
AH 24 Board Tower Special - $600 (24 boards and tower)
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