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Du Verre

Du Verre Hardware is a collaboration of interested, talented creatives. The partners in the brand have made a career of collaborations with the most talented craftspeople, designers, and visionaries they can find to produce original pieces for the home and workplace. If this is a line that you're interested in offering to your customers and clients, J. Long & Associates is stacked with the most talented Du Verre Hardware sales reps in Texas. We're a phone call away when you're ready.
Du Verre seems to value not just providing a simple knob or a pull, the likes of which you could find at a big box store or website, but providing pieces that have a unique look as well as story to go with them.  The brand has become a resource to designers and owners who want to provide to their clients something that appeals to the more eccentric consumer looking for handcrafted pieces that add beauty and warmth to the spaces they end up inhabiting.

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Du Verre

Du Verre Hardware Sales Reps in Texas

J. Long & Associates is a team comprised of the best and brightest Du Verre Hardware sales reps in Texas.

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