New collections available from Top Knobs. Read on for more!

New Top Knobs collections are available now for 2022. We're excited to have the new 2022 Top Knobs display boards and to start taking display board orders! Read on in this post for more information on three new collections that have us very excited for 2022 and how to get yours first!
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The Morris Collection

The Morris collection is part of Top Knobs’ new highly versatile collection, incorporating elements and styles from across a broad spectrum of premium design. The collection blends farmhouse chic with modern industrial, contemporary, and grand Millennial styles, to name a few.

The Morris collection offers five unique suites of finishes, including knobs, pulls, and appliance pulls. It offers variability for designers, allowing you to provide a mixture of elegant and modern styles and finishes to make every job a unique work of art.
Morris Collection Details
258 pieces across five series
Cranford and Florham knobs will be available in the 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" sizes
Five unique suites are available in sizes from 3 3/4" to 12"
12" and 18" appliance pulls across the five series
MSRP: $9.70-$182.25

The Regent's Park Collection

Introducing a decadent, sophisticated, and elegant suite of products from Top Knobs: The Regent Park Collection. Inspired by London's Regents Park, these knobs and appliance pulls embody the personality of European design.

Regents Park includes five individual series of intricately designed pieces with the romantic ambiance of a British estate.

Characterized by its unique design, the Regent's Park Collection pays homage to London's most recognizable public park and puts a modern twist on a timeless style. This collection comprises three unique suites of knobs. The finishes range from high-gloss lacquer to lightly distressed. It provides an exceptionally versatile collection that can be used in traditional and modern settings.

The Bit Series Pull Expansion

2022 sees an expansion for the bit series that includes new sizes and exclusive finishes.

The bit pull has been a staple among the lineup of Top Knobs for many years and it is always exciting to offer a brand-new expansion on such a popular design.

A modern member of the Bit Series, this collection incorporates a variety of finishes that range from high-gloss lacquer to lightly distressed finishes, providing an exceptionally versatile pack that can be used in both traditional and modern settings. This series allows designers to mix and match styles and finishes, drawing inspiration from California bungalows, mid-century modern homes, industrial environments and with unique detailing and architectural elements, the Bit Series Expansion is sure to be a hit amongst your customers.

The Bit Series is slated for release in Spring of 2022.

Mixed Metal Expansion

Top Knobs' grailed Flat Black finish paired with Honey Bronze or Pewter finishes combining two metal tones that invoke the same style and elegance of a vintage Rolex.
The new Bit pulls lend a contrasting touch of depth and interest to interior spaces while simultaneously pulling them together.

Expansion Details
36 unique pieces
Sizes available 3" cc, 3 3/4" cc, 5 1/16" cc, and more
Pull sizes include 12 and 18 inch
Flat black with honey mixed metal finish and flat black with antique pewter finish
MSRP from $10.82 - $199.50

Size Expansion

The bit pull series is being refreshed with new size options! The series invigorates kitchens and baths that it is used for with strong handgrips and a detailed base to bring a touch of modern design to the most straightforward aspect of every bathroom finish.
Expansion Details
48 Pieces
New Pull Sizes: 5/16" cc, 6 5/16" cc, 7 9/16" cc, and 12" cc
New Appliance Pull Sizes: 12" cc and 18" cc
Finishes: Ash Gray, Brushed Satin Nickel, Flat Black, Honey Bronze, Oil Rubbed, Pewter Antique, Polished Chrome, and Polished Nickel
MSRP: $14.28 – $199.50

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